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Ball Box and Ball Bungalow


The ball box cages were designed specifically with needs of your animals in mind.

The 24x18x12” ball Box is designed for adult male ball pythons and females up to 1750 grams. The 24x24x12" ball box cage is designed for the largest of ball pythons, smaller blood pythons and boas, as well as a variety of other small to medium size reptiles.

All the "box" series cages feature the same 1/2" PVC construction and Lexan door for your viewing pleasure.

The Base models include the cage and an ultratherm heat pad.

The Ball Box Combo pack includes the ball box, heat pad, a Herpstat EZ1 thermostat, lock, and LED lighting.

The heat panel is optional and available in the menu if you prefer a heat panel to a heat pad.